Friday, 29 August 2014

You form in german ( ihr/du = informell/2nd Person)(Sie =formell(singular,plural both/2nd person)) (sie =3rd person)

Different ways of saying you

                        singular                        plural

Ist person           I                                  we  
2nd person        you                           you  ( same for singualar and plural)
3rd person       he/she/it                  They  

Fred ,what are you doing?
Fred and Anna ,what are you doing?
in german ,there are different pronouns for 2nd person singualar and plural .(informell)
one person = du   ,plural = Ihr
Ist person     ich                          wir
2nd person    du                        Ihr  (informell)
3rd person     er/es/sie               sie
Peter ,was machst du?
Peter und gabi ,was macht Ihr?
du = informal =  one person

Ihr =informell = more than one person

Sie =formell  talking to a adult (or multiple adults)
Herr Müller und Frau Schmidt,was machen Sie?
Wir machen Tee.

Frau Katja ,was machen Sie?      ( to give respect ,Frau with name used)

Ich mache Tee

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